Home foundations or slabs leak when cracks form in the concrete or the hard rock slab in which the home is built. Early detection of leaks could help you avoid costly repairs. Do you know how to tell if your foundation is leaking?

01: Water bills spiked without explanation

Water bills for homes without foundation leaks typically remain within the same range for the most part of the year. A sudden spike in your water bill suggests a plumbing problem. Despite the taps being closed, a foundation leak will run 24/7, meaning that your water bill thinks you’re running the water on purpose.

A foundation leak or slab leak is one of the more noticeable signs, but it’s not the worst sign.

02: Water retention

When your foundation leaks, water accumulates on the slab below your home, which eventually pools upon the ground beneath your home. Eventually, the overflowing water attempts to escape through an escape route that is often your home’s flooring above the leaking region.

If you notice a leak, make sure you check other areas of your house. Sometimes, leaks can originate from the outside or in other parts of the house, like the bathroom.

03: Growth and Development of Mold

Wet regions of an environment are conducive to mold and mildew growth. When your foundation leaks, there may be standing water on your floors as well. If your foundation leaks, water will pool on your floor, which will soak into the walls and carpet, which pose a great breeding ground for mold to grow and develop.

It’s possible that slab leaks don’t become evident right away, but the longer you wait to call for plumbing repairs, the more damage you could incur. AY Plumbing works to protect your home and your family. Our team provides all kinds of plumbing repairs services in Broward County, including slab leak service and repair, if you spot any of the above signs of a slab leak.

We are fully licensed and insured to give you that peace of mind you deserve and fully equipped with advanced tools to make sure the job gets done fast, efficiently and completed. Everyone that works for us is fully certified and bonded. We are available 24/7.

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