Hot water in your home has many benefits, from warm baths to hot water for cooking. It is important to remember that even though the device can provide you and your home with modern conveniences for many years, it does occasionally need to be maintained. Choosing A-Y Plumbing Services for water heater repair in Broward County is a wise decision, but every homeowner can take steps to minimize repair costs.

Make sure to flush your system occasionally to get rid of sediment

Mineral deposits in the water cause sediment to accumulate inside a water heater tank. A buildup of sediment can cause problems with the unit if you fail to flush it once a year. The water inside the tank can be flushed by opening the base valve. The task can also be handled by a plumber.

Check the valves periodically for proper operation

There is a pressure release valve on every water heater. When too much pressure builds up inside the water tank, these valves open up to allow it to escape. In order to make sure the valves can perform their functions, it is best to periodically check them for ease of opening and their ability to do so in the event of a malfunction.

Ensure the space around the water heater is adequate

A clearance of about two feet must be maintained around the water heater. It can actually pose a fire hazard and make it difficult to access the unit when something goes wrong when items are stacked around the exterior.

Check the anode rod every few years for signs of deterioration

By attracting electrons, the anode rod protects the unit’s tank interior from being damaged. Anode rods do occasionally need to be replaced. Analyze your water heater’s anode rod. Replace the rod if it is severely corroded. It is recommended to replace the rod about every five years under normal circumstances.

Contact a Professional for Water Heater Repair in Broward County

Whatever you do to keep your water heater maintained, the day may come when you need to repair it. We at A-Y Plumbing Services recommend you only trust your water heater repairs to professionals. Talk to us about your issues today.

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