Count the number of water faucets in your house. Kitchens and bathrooms have faucets, of course. You might also want to install faucets in the laundry room, the basement, the garage, and on the outside for convenient yard care and car wash. The only time we seem to make note of our water source is when it is in need of attention. Leaking or dripping faucets aren’t normal, so they need immediate attention. A leaky faucet is not just annoying, but it can also skyrocket your water bill and cause considerable damage if left alone.

A leaky faucet is often a result of damage to the internal parts and corrosion or has a defective gasket, o-ring, or washer. Though this might seem intimidating, you can actually repair most leaky faucets by yourself with the right tools, provided you have the right tools. Don’t attempt to fix a leaky faucet if you aren’t sure how to do it. From a cost perspective, it is not wise to wait as even minor plumbing issues can evolve into more serious ones.

To make sure your faucet is properly repaired, you need to figure out why it is dripping. There are a few common causes for a dripping faucet.


Valve seats often corrode due to faucet corrosion. In the compression structure, it is located between the spout and the faucet. You might think that sounds rather confusing, but you should know that a professional plumber would be able to resolve this issue easily. For corrosion prevention, the valve seat should be cleaned regularly.


Are you ever curious about how faucet handles stay put? This piece of hardware is actually a stem screw with an o-ring attached to the end of it. With so many uses, the disc can easily become loose or it may even wear out over time. A dripping faucet could result from this situation. You may be able to temporarily fix the leak by replacing the damaged o-ring. But you should hire an expert for faucet repairs and installs. Contact AY Plumbing Services if you need faucet repairs and installs in Broward County.


The most common cause of leaking faucets is a worn-out or improperly installed washer. This happens because when you used your faucet, the washer was forced against the valve seat, which caused friction. Some washers are not installed properly or the wrong size is used. Dripping near or around the spout is a sign that there is a problem with your washer. Regardless of the reason for your leaky faucet, replacing the washer with one of the appropriate sizes will solve your problem.

Broken plumbing: 

While leaking faucets are not typically caused by broken pipes, they can sometimes occur for this reason. The pressure of water can also be reduced if pipes are broken. Call a plumber as soon as you suspect you have cracked pipes or fittings. You can get an estimated cost for fixing the problem from a professional by having them check your pipes.

If you’re in doubt, it might be best to call the plumbing professionals for faucet repairs and installs in Broward County from AY Plumbing Services. That’s what they’re there for!


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