It’s not unusual for your home to encounter clogged toilets and drains. To clear a clog in your sink, shower, or toilet, you should consult an expert before reaching for that drain cleaner. An experienced drain cleaner will provide you with expert knowledge, drain-safe equipment, and the peace of mind that comes with knowing your drain was cleaned thoroughly.

For fast and reliable drain cleaning and sewer cleaning services here in Broward County, call our fully licensed, bonded, and insured team of expert technicians at A-Y Plumbing who will assess the situation and explain everything that needs to be fixed. We’re your local drain cleaning and sewer cleaning service specialists. Be sure to check out our 24-hour emergency service line, and FREE estimates for drain cleaning and sewer cleaning services.

What are the benefits of hiring a drain cleaning and sewer cleaning professional?

Drain cleaning and clog clearing is a job best left to a professional. Here are five reasons why you should hire a professional for drain cleaning and sewer cleaning projects at any property or business establishment:

#1. Home remedies can’t clear the toughest clogs

There are some home remedies that work for clearing clogs, but most don’t. Clogs can be tougher than they appear at first glance. Hot water and dish soap cleaning is one of the common home drain cleaning and sewer cleaning tactics but it has its shortcomings. There is a problem here because PVC pipes are often not designed to handle boiling water. A temperature above 140 degrees can actually damage the PVC and glue at the sink trap joints.

#2. Plumbers have the right tools to get the job done

Most homeowners do not have access to the wide array of clog-clearing tools that a professional plumber has, aside from a plunger and a wrench. Listed below are some of the tools that we use to clear a wide variety of drain and pipe blockages:


Many homes have toilet plungers. Plungers can be of various sizes and shapes and are used differently depending on the task at hand. For example, the typical plunger is highly effective on sinks and drains, but a ball plunger creates more pressure when used on toilets.

Sink Auger

Plumbing professionals use this specialty tool to get rid of clogs in sinks and showers. Steel cords are used in the auger. After placing the cord inside of the drain, the plumber extends it with the auger’s handle. Through pushing into the drain and around bends, the cord clears clogs.

Snake Tools

Plumbing professionals have access to various snake tools for clearing clogs. When working with clogs, snake tools are chosen based on their type. As an example, snake tools with barbs and hooks are better for clearing shower drains because they catch hairs in the pipe so the plumber can pull it out.

#3. You don’t know what’s down there

Clogs are all unique. For example, most shower clogs are caused by a buildup of hair deep within the drain, while kitchen sink clogs can occur as a result of stuck food waste or solidified grease. Clogs are often handled differently depending on what they are made of. Plumbers sometimes attempt to unclog toilets or sinks with a plunger, but a snake tool can be very effective in unclogging shower drain clogs. This method is more effective in catching and then removing trapped hair.

At A-Y Plumbing, we’re your locally trusted drain cleaning and sewer cleaning team in Broward County

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